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Panamericana Norte: eight vehicles collided in Supe due to intense smoke

A great shock multiple vehicle occurred this Sunday in the Pan American Highway northat the height of kilometers 185 and 186, on the Huacho-Caral-Supe route, north of Lima.

Canal N pointed out that about eight vehicles, including cars, vans and collective taxis, collided in a chain near the entrance oval to Caralin the jurisdiction of knew.

In the journalistic report, he indicated that the crash was triggered due to the intense smoke produced by the burning of brush piled up on both sides of the road. Pan American Highway northwhich made it difficult for drivers to see.

The wounded were transferred to super hospital and no deaths were reported. Agents from the Transit Police arrived at the scene to fence and signpost the road in order to avoid further collisions.

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The authorities requested the service of cranes to tow the damaged vehicles, as well as the Barranca Firefighters to control the forest fire. The experts of the Police They investigate the traffic accident.



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