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Pantanos de Villa: Sernanp began work on the installation of a perimeter fence to conserve wetlands

Lima, February 10, 2022Updated on 02/10/2022 01:56 pm

The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) began the works to install a perimeter fence to conserve the Villa Swamps (Chorrillos), a special protected natural area since it is the only one located in the heart of the city of Lima and therefore fulfills a very important function as a great lung that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen for all its inhabitants.

The institution indicated that to date it has completed the installation of the first stage of a perimeter fence, a total of 137 meters, to prevent the dumping of clearing and garbage in the Las Delicias de Villa sector of said natural space, adjacent to the Las Delicias settlement. Villa herons in Chorrillos.

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He indicated that soon the fence will continue to the Sagrada Familia settlement and finally in a third stage along Av. 12 de Octubre.

In addition, To reinforce its conservation, it has been carrying out permanent cleaning days in the area of ​​this protected natural area., mainly in the sectors adjacent to the urban area with the highest population density, where there are waste disposal problems. In the last three years alone (2019-2021) more than 6 thousand kilograms of solid waste have been collected.

More than 10 people intervened

As part of these actions, the work articulated with the Department of Environmental Protection has been reinforced Villa Swamps of the Environment Directorate of the National Police of Peru for the development of routine patrols that allow prevent the entry of offenders and people of bad living that endanger the biodiversity that houses this wildlife refuge and the inhabitants of its surrounding areas.

The last special patrol carried out this week was carried out in the northern sector known as “La Pampa” lagoon, located in front of the urban area of ​​Las Delicias de Villa, where They intervened 12 people who entered this space to carry out illegal activities.

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bird shelter

As this protected natural area is one of the main refuges for resident and migratory birds in the capital city, these actions also include continuous monitoring of the state of conservation and presence of these species in this wetland.

Thus, the last census carried out during the month of January of this year was recorded only in the Las Delicias de Villa sector, 1,939 birds of 24 different species, which would represent an increase of 67% compared to the same month of 2021 in which 1,161 birds were observed, thus reflecting the good state of conservation of this nature area.

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