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Paola Ruiz’s husband tells that he cannot walk after being stabbed: “All I want is to recover part of my life”

Angel Véliz, husband of the ex-dancer Paola ruiz, is concerned because he does not know if he will fully recover from his injuries after being stabbed seven times by María Pérez Villanueva, outside the Pentagonito, in San Borja. In addition, he indicated that he did not agree with the decision of the Judicial Power of dictate only four years in suspended prison his aggressor.

“That lady stabbed me seven times. I can not walk, the stabs have broken the calf muscles, it is not a matter of skin, of scars, it is something muscular, which takes time to recover ”, expressed Véliz to Trome in tears. I feel bad, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again. The only thing I want is to recover part of my life, because sport is my life ”, added.

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At another time, the bodybuilder considered that the authorities treated him unfairly. “I feel bad because at one point I felt that the country, for which I had given everything, was turning its back on me because they put a policeman in my room. After they saw the videos, there was evidence, testimonies, at that moment I saw it unfair ”, indicated in statements to ATV.

“I am not a one-month, two-month athlete. All my life (I have done) sport for Peru. The Peruvian athlete does not have insurance, he has nothing, I have borne the expenses with everything “, he asserted.

Asked in Panamericana about whether he will continue playing sports, Véliz said that he will have to stop and rest in order to recover.

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“I, lying in the (room of the) clinic, hoped that someone would help me to stand up and be able to travel, but I already took that idea away. The true athlete, from the heart, wants to do it to the last. In my federation there are athletes in wheelchairs, but hey, I’m going to have to rest and see if with rehabilitation I can become the same as I was before, he stated.

On the other hand, Paola Ruiz’s husband questioned the actions of María Pérez when she left with a sharp weapon to play sports. “I don’t know what kind of person comes out with a knife, for what. I do not understand, that is what makes me angry, what annoys me. After he wants to twist things, I wanted to drown him (his son), with a thousand lies “.

“But she didn’t know that there were videos, that I took them, but the people who passed by, who saw everything that was happening. He dropped everything, he dropped his lie that is why he now admits and they give him four years. Well, those are the laws of my country ”, he pointed out.

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Regarding the sentence that the Judicial Power issued against María Pérez, Paola Ruiz considered that it is unfair that the woman continues to be free on the streets.

“The lady walks in the street with so much very bad mental health and it is worrying that the lady reacts in this way with anyone else., he asserted.

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