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Peru condemns Russia’s “act of aggression” against Ukraine and calls for ceasefire, says Foreign Ministry

Lima, February 25, 2022Updated on 02/25/2022 07:36 am

The Foreign Ministry condemned the Russian attack against Ukraine that has caused deaths and that thousands of people choose to flee from Kiev to other cities far from the conflict zone.

Through a releasethe Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its rejection of these “serious facts”. He mentioned that the Russian offensive against Ukraine violates international law for what called for a ceasefire and all hostilities.

“The Government of Peru permanently follows the evolution of the situation in Ukraine and regrets that a massive military offensive is taking place by the Russian Federation that constitutes an act of aggressionin accordance with Resolution 3314 of the United Nations General Assembly, which violates the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ukraine”, reads the statement.

He also reaffirmed his demand for the immediate start of consultations and negotiations for a diplomatic, peaceful and negotiated solution, in compliance with the principles and obligations contained in the Charter of the United Nations, which bind all States.

The Foreign Ministry also reiterated that it established a permanent consular emergency unit to protect and care for all Peruvians who are in Ukraineincluding your transfer to third countries or repatriation.


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