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Peruvian film series made in regions will reach the national level through Tv Peru

Updated on 01/11/2022 01:46 pm

The Ministry of Culture of Peru and the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP) present the “Peruvian Film Series made in Regions”, a cinematographic tour through our country that will present national feature films every Sunday at 9:00 pm, starting on January 16, through the signal of Tv Peru, Peruvian public television channel.

This film exhibition that will reach the national level, aims to promote and disseminate our cinema, made in the regions of the country, which represents a vision of Peru through the eyes of its filmmakers, who tell their stories using film as a medium. expression. The feature films that participate in the sample have been beneficiaries of the Economic Stimuli for Culture of the Ministry of Culture of Peru in the exclusive competition for film projects in the country’s regions (except Metropolitan Lima and Callao).

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In this way the feature film “Chained”, Made in the city of Arequipa by director Miguel Barreda Delgado, the cycle will open this Sunday, January 16 at 9:00 pm, being the starting point for a series of feature films that we will discover on Sundays and that show us stories from the coast , Peruvian highlands and jungle.

Likewise, among the actions that are proposed to bring national cinematography to the public, in addition to the “Peruvian Film Series made in Regions”, A traveling exhibition will be held with the support of district municipalities that will broadcast Peruvian cinema in open spaces and in the open air such as squares, parks and huacas. In addition, the reopening of the Armando Robles Godoy movie theater, located at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture of Peru, complying with biosafety protocols.

In this way, the Ministry of Culture reaffirms its commitment to the dissemination and promotion of Peruvian cinema through a multicultural and diverse vision that allows discovering our country through the eyes of its own filmmakers.


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