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Peruvians in Ukraine: this is the date on which they will be boarded on FAP planes

The Director General of Peruvian Communities Abroad and Consular Affairs, María Antonia Masana, pointed out that the shipment of Peruvians who left Ukraine by the Russian military offensive and decided to be repatriated to Peru, through planes of the Air Force from Peru (FAP), would take place next Monday, February 28.

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“We are thinking that that could happen, possibly, on Monday afternoon. We don’t have the exact time, but we’re thinking it’s Monday afternoon., but we must take into account the conditions in which the country finds itself. Arriving at the border is not so easy. Units that used to take two or three hours are now taking 15 to 17 hours. There is a backlog of traffic.”he referred in dialogue with RPP.

The diplomatic official also announced that after a meeting with consular directors from eight countries in the region, he remembered have expanded consulates.


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The Latin American consular network will expand as the name says so that the honorary consulate of Peru in Kiev [capital de Ucrania] can help any citizen of Latin American nationality in the same with other countries”, he indicated.

Masana García recalled that nationals who left Ukraine and do not have Peruvian identity documents will receive a safe passage, which will allow them to move to the border with Poland and receive the support of the Peruvian Foreign Ministry. This document will also be granted to children whose parents are of Peruvian nationality.

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He reiterated that the Foreign Ministry reported that the Honorary Consulate in Kiev and the Consular Office of Peru in Warsaw continue with the process of identifying Peruvians who wish to be evacuated.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cesar Landaaffirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a contingency plan approved in previous weeks in which it seeks to provide information, register our citizens in Ukraine and guarantee the safe return of compatriots.

As of Friday, February 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that at this time around 320 compatriots live in Ukraine. Of that total, 196 are already registered on a list to be evacuated at any time to the border with Poland. From there, they will coordinate with the nationals who wish to return to Peru.

Authorize flight to Poland

This Saturday, February 26, the Ministry of Defense authorized the trip of the personnel of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) that will make up the crew of the aircraft in charge of carrying out the repatriation of Peruvian citizens from Ukraine to our country, from the city of Warsaw, Republic of Poland.

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This is the crew for the Hercules L-100-20 FAP 397 (main), Spartan C-27J FAP 332 (alternate), Spartan C-27J FAP 328 (alternate) and Boeing B-737-500 FAP 356 (alternate) aircraft.

They will be in charge of carrying out repatriation of Peruvian citizens from Ukraine to Perufrom the city of Warsaw, Republic of Poland, authorizing departure from the country as of today and return to national territory on March 1, 2022.

Help numbers for Peruvians

Our compatriots can be contacted through the following means:

  • Cel. Emerg.: (+48) 601 083 987 – Counselor Luis Gonzalo Cieza, head of the Consular Section in Warsaw.
  • Telephone Honorary Consulate in Kiev: (+38) 050 332 2765 (WhatsApp) – Igor Balenko Honorary Consul.
  • Directorate of Assistance and National Protection of the Foreign Ministry of Peru: (01) 204-3279.
  • Emails: Warsaw: consulado@perupol.pl Kyiv: peru@ln.ua

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