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Platinum Awards for Ibero-American Cinema and Audiovisual: learn about the shortlisted Peruvian works of its IX Edition

The Board of Directors of the PLATINO Awards of the Movie theater and the Ibero-American Audiovisual has announced the shortlisted productions from the 23 countries in each of the categories that will participate in its IX Edition, which will take place on Sunday, May 1 in person at IFEMA Palacio Municipal de Madrid. The peruvian works with more presets are the movie the best familieswith 10 nominations, and the series the other liberatorswho treasures 6.

After the complex season that Ibero-American audiovisual production faced during 2020, the industry has settled down in 2021, reaching more than 800 works premiered during the year in the first list of the IX Edition of the PLATINO Awards, adding feature films of fiction, animation or documentary and fiction or documentary series, a figure that exceeds the 677 works made the previous year. Of these 812 premiered works, a total of 206 have been shortlisted to be among the 20 candidates for nomination by categorylist to be announced soon.

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From the list of 20 nominations per category, which will be made public at an upcoming face-to-face event, the four finalists will be selected from each of the 22 categories of the PLATINO Awards. Finally, the winners will be announced on Sunday, May 1 at the grand gala to be held at the IFEMA Palacio Municipal de Madridthe same venue that hosted this event in the last edition in which the great winners were the Colombian film The oblivion that we will be and the Spanish series Homeland.

Thus, the PLATINO Awards will once again recognize the best of the Ibero-American audiovisual industry, which has demonstrated, once again, the competitiveness of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking sector. And it is that, of the 21 countries that have pre-candidacies for the awards in the cinematographic section, the difference in the number of pre-selections is minimal: Spain leads the list with 9%, followed by Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay, all of them with 6%. A similar case occurs in the nominations for series: Mexico dominates the productions presented with 16%, followed by Spain (14%), Argentina and Chile (10%).


In the category to Best Ibero-American Fiction FilmPeru will aspire to nomination with the productions contacted, by Marite Ugas Lxi (64) by Rodrigo Moreno del Valle and A world for Julius, by Rossana Diaz Costa. For his part, Javier Fuentes for the best families and the aforementioned Marité Ugás for contacted have been chosen to opt to be among the finalists in the section to Best Direction.

Baldomero Caceres by contacted and Carlos Rudas for The quarry have been shortlisted in the category of Best Male Performance. For their part, they will opt for the nomination for Best Female Performance Mayella Lloclla by A world for Julius and Rafaella Mey for autoerotic.

The Peruvian supporting actors and actresses who will compete for the nomination will be Jimena Lindo and Sonia Seminario (both for the best families) in Best Supporting Female Performance and César Ritter and Rodrigo Palacios (both for the best families) in Best Supporting Male Performance.

Within the category of Best Cinematographic Miniseries or Teleseries the peruvian series the other liberators, by Luis Guillermo Camacho, will aspire to the nomination. Luis Guillermo Camacho himself will also concur in the candidacy for the Best Series Creator.

Giovanni Arce by the other liberators has been shortlisted in the category of Best Male Performance in a Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Serieswhile in the category to Best Female Performance in a Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Series Magaly Solier is pre-candidate for the other liberators.

On the other hand, the candidacies of Best Supporting Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series Andrea Luna will opt for the other liberators in the female category, while in the male counterpart Bruno Odar has been shortlisted for the other liberators.


In the section to Best Documentary Feature Film have been shortlisted Hatun Phaqcha, Healthy Land by Delia Ackerman, Amazon Odyssey by Álvaro Sarmiento and Diego Sarmiento and perpetual person by Javier Bellido. To the award that recognizes the commitment of producers to new talents of the Ibero-American industry, the PLATINO Award for Best Ibero-American Opera Primastart with options to the nomination autoerotic by Andrea Hoyo and Samichay, in search of happiness by Mauricio Franco Tosso.

In the case of recognition Best screenplayJavier Fuentes will opt for the candidacy for the libretto of the best familiesa category in which Mariana Rondón and Marité Ugás also compete for contacted. There are also Peruvian candidates for Best Art Directiona category that has the presence of autoerotic and A world for Julius. For its part, the best families and Lxi (64) will try to get closer to the award Best Original Music.

Among the technical candidates, there will be Peruvian representation in recognition of Best Editing Directioncategory in which autoerotic and the best families They will fight for the nomination. Too autoerotic and the best families will be able to apply for the Best Direction of Photography. For its part, contacted and the best families are candidates for the Best Sound Direction.

To the recognition of Best Ibero-American Animated Film attends Ainbo, the warrior of the Amazon by Jose Zelada and Richard Claus. Finally, the candidates from Peru to the Award for Cinema and Education in Values are Ainbo, the warrior of the Amazon by José Zelada and Richard Claus and A world for Julius by Rossana Diaz Costa.

The PLATINO Awards of Ibero-American Cinemapromoted by EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity), with FIPCA (Ibero-American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers) and with the support of the Ibero-American Film Academies and Institutes, bring together the great talents of the industries of the 23 Ibero-American countriesextolling the most outstanding productions and creators of each year with twenty-two awards and a PLATINUM Honor Award.

They have been working since its first edition in 2014 on the dissemination of Ibero-American cinema, so that the successes achieved at the most prestigious festivals also translate into excellent results in commercial theaters and that our cinema has the distribution it deserves.


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