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PlayStation is working on a new subscription service to compete against Xbox

PlayStation and Xbox they have a rivalry for several years. In addition to the competition on consoles, that is, the PS5 and PS4 against the Xbox Series and Xbox One, there is one more area in which both companies will have to improve to capture the attention of the community: subscription services.

Sony is working on such a service with the code name “Spartacus”, and it would be the answer of PlayStation what Xbox yes know how to do with it Xbox Game Pass, also known by the community as the “Netflix of video games”, since the service offers news on both Xbox and PC.

A reliable source from Bloomberg assures that Sony’s new project for PlayStation users is to offer a better service to what already exists. In case you were not aware, Sony has a subscription system called PlayStation Now, something that the company has not promoted despite the advancement of the competition.

The plan is for Spartacus to be the evolution of PlayStation Now. At a first level, the platform will offer the free games that PlayStation Plus currently offers and access to multiplayer. The second level would also include a catalog of PlayStation 4 games and, over time, also PlayStation 5. The last level would include all of the above, in addition to the ability to stream video games and a library of classic games from the game. first PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and even PSP.

PLAYSTATION | December Free Games

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now secure hours of fun on consoles PS5 and PS4, because Sony has revealed what are the video games that will be available by December 2021.

There are three video games that will be available to those who have an active subscription to Playstation plus. Let’s take a brief look at each title so you are aware of what you can download.

  • Godfall Challenger Edition (PS5 and PS4): third person action game characterized by melee combat and looting. Exclusive to PlayStation consoles, it will now make the leap to PS Plus.
  • Deadly Shell (PS4): Action RPG with soulslike elements developed by Cold Symmetry.
  • LEGO DC Super-Villains (PS4): adventure for all ages where the characters from DC Comics are the protagonists.

These video games can only be downloaded if you are subscribed to Playstation plus. The titles, in addition, will only be available if the subscription is active, so they will not work no matter how much they are downloaded if the PS Plus subscription is exhausted.

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