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PlayStation Plus: filter important change in the subscription system

If you have a console PS5you can be part of the community of playstation plus to get various benefits. For example, you will find different offers in the virtual store and you will also be able to download free titles every month.

In turn, Sony recently enabled various subscription levels for those looking for more rewards. If you have PS Plus Extra, not only do you have access to online games, but there is a library of PS4 and PS3 games that you can access without extra payments.

But this is not the only change that Sony has planned. Recently, the web portal XGP.pl revealed that the Japanese company seeks to discontinue the membership cards that are sold in the different physical stores.

Not only can you buy your subscription in the virtual store of your console, but it was also possible to buy a prepaid card and activate it. It is not yet known what the future of the physical sale of subscriptions will be.

On the one hand, there are those who advocate the disappearance of the system, while others consider that it is only a withdrawal of the cards from the market to be replaced by others that fit the new model of subscription levels.

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