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PlayStation Plus will enable the download of the following games during December 2021

Sony has a paid subscription on consoles Playstation 4 and PS5 so that gamers can access special offers, connection to online game servers and also to claim different free games every month.

Playstation plus It already surprised us during November with a long list of video games. The usual number of titles that you can download freely was added the anniversary of PS VR.

Knockout City, First Class Trouble, Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, The Persistence and Until You Fall will be available only until December 7, when the games will be rotated.

On this occasion, you will be able to access the download of Godfall Challenger Edition (PS4 and PS5), one of the first games that came to the PlayStation 5 console: “Aperion is on the brink of ruin. You are the last of the Knights of Valorian. Divine warriors capable of equipping plates of valor, sets of legendary armor that transform wearers into unstoppable masters of hand-to-hand combat. Blast through enemies as you climb the elemental realms and challenge the mad god, Macros, who awaits you at the top. Rise in Godfall, the first melee action RPG, looter-slasher.

You can also claim Mortal Shell (PS4) an action RPG “that tests your sanity and stamina in a shattered world. Unravel the mystery behind this dark world!”.

Finally, PlayStation brings us a game suitable for everyone: Lego DC Super-Villains, a chaotic title based on the DC comics but using the LEGO design.

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