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President rejected attacks on the PNP: “No one can even think about attacking and disrespecting them”

Lima, December 6, 2021Updated on 12/06/2021 09:18 pm

The president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, rejected this Monday the attacks against personnel of the National Police of Peru (PNP). Let us remember that last Wednesday an agent was attacked outside the Venezuelan embassy by a Venezuelan citizen.

I cannot miss the opportunity to firmly reject the attacks on our Police. I want to tell all our compatriots that our troops are at the service of the citizens and protected by the law to reestablish order ”, The head of state asserted during his speech at the ceremony for the 33rd anniversary of the creation of the PNP that took place in the Patio de Honor of the PNP Officers School in Chorrillos.

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“Therefore, no one can even think of attacking and disrespecting them. Whoever does so must bear the full weight of law and justice ”, added.

Likewise, President Castillo indicated that in addition to the operational part, the essential component of the Police is and will continue to be its members. “You are the defense of the citizenry and you are here to exercise a protective role, especially of the weakest. That without any circumstance affect their firm commitment to the country “, he pointed out.


Pedro Castillo rejects assault on police officers
Pedro Castillo rejects assault on police officers


The Seventh Preparatory Investigation Court of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima issued five months of preventive detention for Luis Enrique Matos Molina, a subject of Venezuelan nationality who attacked the PNP NCO César Chávez Aguilar outside the Venezuelan embassy in Peru.

The incident occurred last Wednesday at 6 in the afternoon, on Arequipa avenue and in front of dozens of people. Apparently, the foreigner had been blocking entry to the headquarters of the Venezuelan Embassy and the agent asked him to leave. However, the call for attention ended in a brawl in the middle of the street, according to the video recorded by a passerby.

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The fight ended when another agent arrived, who together with his colleague tried to intervene on the subject who chose to flee; however, it was neutralized within minutes.


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