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Protected witness accuses the daughter of the Minister of Education and the congressman of Peru Libre of leaking evaluation test to teachers

Lima, December 15, 2021Updated 12/15/2021 10:16 pm

A protected witness, whose identity is being kept confidential, told the Public Ministry that Inés Gallardo Calixto, daughter of the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, and the legislator of Peru Libre Lucinda Vásquez, representative of the San Martín region, are responsible for the leak of the National Single Test of the 2021 Appointment Contest of teachers, according to a fiscal document released by the program ‘Milagros Leiva , Interview ‘from WillaxTV.

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According to the version given by the protected witness to the Tarapoto Prosecutor’s Office, Lucinda Vásquez asked Inés Gallardo, between November 8 and 9, the content of the examination for the appointment of teachers. He even detailed that both are close friends.

Between November 8 or 9, 2021 (the witness) received a telephone call in which they indicated that the Congresswoman of the Republic Lucinda Vásquez Vela had requested the knowledge exams for the appointment of the professors hired to the minister’s daughter of Education (Carlos Alfonso Gallardo Gómez), who is a close friend of the aforementioned congresswoman”, It is indicated in one of the pages of the fiscal document.

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In addition, the witness detailed that Carlos Gallardo He received a WhatsApp message in which he was informed that his daughter had delivered the evidence and that, upon learning of this situation, the minister suffered chest discomfort during a meeting and announced that he was going to present his letter of resignation.

Likewise, the complainant specified that the legislator Lucinda VásquezOnce he obtained the teacher exam, he traveled on November 11 to the city of Tarapoto, in the San Martín region. Later, according to the witness, she went to the town of Juanjí to supposedly deliver the content of the evidence to her “friends.”

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The latter, in turn, would have started the sale of the content of the test for an amount of up to 3,000 soles on the same day of the evaluation, on November 13. The protected witness indicated that the money was deposited to the legislator of Peru Libre through some supposed figureheads.

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