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PS5 and PS4 games up to 75% off on PS Store for New Years

It’s time to invest in your fun! The players of Playstation 4 Y PS5 they can enjoy the party offers on the PS Store, Sony’s online store. Until January 19, 2022, the gamer community will be able to obtain discounts of up to 75%.

Keep in mind that the titles of PS4 they work in PS5 due to backward compatibility. Sony has made new-generation console hardware load titles faster and improve graphics quality.

The main attractions vary across genders. For example, FIFA 22 for PS4 it’s $ 23.99 (60% off), Cuphead at $ 13.99 (30% discount), Injustice 2 – Standard Version at $ 2.99 (85% off), Mortal Kombat XL at $ 3.99 (80% off), Call of Duty Vanguard at $ 38.99 (35% off) and Spider-Man: Miles Morales at $ 29.99 (40% discount).

There are also interesting things like It Takes Two at $ 19.99 (50% discount), Doom Eternal at $ 14.99 (75% off), Assassin’s creed odyssey at $ 14.99 (75% off) and Sekiro Shadow Die Twice at $ 29.99 (50% discount).

Here we share the link so you can take advantage of discounts from PlayStation Store. Remember that you only have until January 19 of next year to have all your titles in the Library.

PS4 | Sony’s console is hacked

Until the most critical moment for the PlayStation from Sony. Three hackers managed to hack the console PS4 Y PS4 Pro Through an exploit that will allow the execution of unauthorized applications and copies of video games.

The jailbreak, dubbed “pOOBs4″ Was designed by developers SpecterDev, ChendoChap and Znullptr, even though the vulnerability was discovered by Sleirgoevy.

Running the jailbreak requires that the PS4 have access to the Internet, as well as a USB stick connected where a special file is loaded. Once open, you can install tools to modify the console, such as Look Project or GoldHEN homebrew enabler.

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