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Purple Party invites the Minister of Health to Congress to respond to questions against him

Lima, February 10, 2022Updated on 02/10/2022 12:24 pm

Legislators of the Purple Party They ask that the Minister of Health be invited, Hernan Condorito the Plenary of Congress in order to inform and clarify the facts and questions against him, among them that he does not have a registration as an obstetrician before the Medical College of Peru (CMP).

The document is based on the fact that it has been shown on social networks that the current minister would have been providing services in a private obstetric medical office, which would be a violation of the CMP’s code of ethics, which is why an investigation has been initiated.

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Another reason why Hernán Condori is wanted to attend the Plenary is because he would have incurred functional misconduct when he held the position of executive director of the Chanchamayo Health Network.. As well as for promoting the use of a substance called Cluster X2 that would serve to prevent a series of metabolic disorders that generate different diseases.

Also, because the new head of the Health sector shared, in a video published through his social networks in April 2021, recommendations regarding ways to prevent infections due to COVID19.

“Some of these referred to the consumption of ivermectin, of which he assured there were scientific works that demonstrated its operation and promoted its use. Likewise, he indicated that the use of azithromycin was controversial, but that he practiced it as part of his hospital management. However, in October 2020, azithromycin had already been withdrawn as part of the treatment guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health, and in March 2021, the same entity indicated that ivermectin was not useful in the treatment of COVID -19″, it reads.

For all the above, the congressmen consider it necessary that the Minister of Health, Hernán Condori Machado, absolve these questions before the country and the national representation, prior to his presentation for the investiture vote in the Congress of the Republic.

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Medical Association of Peru investigates whether the new Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, faces ethical processes
Medical Association of Peru investigates whether the new Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, faces ethical processes


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