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Relatives of a soldier denounce that he became a quadriplegic after a brutal beating inside a military base in Uchiza | VIDEO

Family members of Aaron Cervantes Rojas denounced that the 20-year-old was left quadriplegic after receiving a brutal beating on March 14 when he was serving in the military in the Uchiza Special Forces Battalion, in the province of Tocache (San Martin).

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“He doesn’t move. I feel sorry for him because he doesn’t move, because he ran and jumped. I ask for justice for my son. Her lips were beaten, her ear was beaten, her back was scraped “Miguel Cervantes, the soldier’s father, told the América Noticias news program.

The morning showed part of the medical report in which it details that the soldier reported bruising on the left ear, on the back, on the right side and on the left side with swelling. He also suffered a ecchymosis apparently due to blow to the inner lips of the mouth and came with severe cranial brain trauma.


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Aaron’s father communicated with his son’s companions at the Uchiza military base, and according to what he related, they confessed that the Lieutenant EP Álvaro Luis Adrianzén Medina had been harassing the young soldier who is now a paraplegic.

“Yes, he hit us with a stick…. Or he would put us in the Calatos well […] It made us drowning. Finishing playing soccer, our lieutenant tells us to practice boxing with my promo Aaron “, one of the audios broadcast by the newscast is heard.

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The witness to the beating continued his testimony, which was recorded by the soldier’s father. “My lieutenant made him fight everyone, and when my promo began to feel that he was tired that he couldn’t take it anymore. He [el teniente] He said: ‘If you’re a boy, why can’t you hold on?’ ‘My lieutenant I can no longer’, said Aaron “.

“[El teniente] He grabbed it and took him to the shower, when he came he started to feel bad “added Aaron’s partner, who preferred anonymity.

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Miguel Cervantes, Aaron’s father, indicated that he has not received support for medical expenses. “I thought the Army was going to support me, but so far nothing. What I want is justice for my son. The one who is responsible for paying because my son’s life has practically been ruined “, he emphasized.

“Each vial is S / 630, and I must put six. Where am I going to get that from? I promised my son that I will go to hell for justice to be served “added.

Lieutenant responds

According to the manifestation of Lieutenant EP Álvaro Adrianzén, he indicated that on March 14 he held a soccer championship and then they proceeded to practice boxing, and that the participation of Corporal EP Aaron Cervantes was the same as all the participants.

In addition, he reported that at 9 o’clock in the evening that day a colleague of Aaron informed him that the young man reported agitated breathing and when he saw him he no longer reacted.

Army affirms that case is being investigated

The news program América Noticias reported that it had contacted the Peruvian Army (EP). Through a statement, the institution detailed that Inspectorate immediately ordered the corresponding investigation.

Added that Aaron Cervantes Rojas is admitted to the Central Military hospital, where care and medicines have been provided until full recovery is achieved, as well as the needs that are required. “In the same way, you will receive the benefits that correspond to you according to law”, he pointed.

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The EP added that the Public Ministry handles the case and the institution provides all the facilities so that the proceedings corresponding are carried out in accordance with regulations and within the deadlines established by law.

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