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Repsol must present a new report to renew the term for loading and unloading fuel, says Minister of the Environment


Lima, February 15, 2022Updated on 02/15/2022 10:37 am

The Minister of the Environment, Modesto Montoyareported that the term granted by the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA) to Repsol to authorize the activities of loading and unloading of hydrocarbons in the multi-buoy terminals No. 1 and 3 of the La Pampilla Refinery – Repsol, for a period of 10 days. The multinational is investigated by the spill of more than 10 thousand barrels of oil in the sea of ​​Ventanilla last January 15.

In statements to the press and from outside the Government Palace, the head of the Ministry of the Environment (Minam) recalled that the measure that was ordered on January 31 was in order to ensure fuel supply. However, he explained that at the end of the 10-day authorization, Repsol now You must present a report in which you support resuming your operations.

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Likewise, Montoya criticized that a month after the oil spill on the coast, the multinational has not complied with the deadlines for the activities established by the OEFA, such as have a great advance in the cleaning of beaches and attention to those affected such as fishermen, marine fauna and flora. He indicated that a sanctioning process has already begun with fines that could reach 304 million soles.

“The real balance is that they have not complied with the cleanup and recovery within the deadlines given to them. yesterday it expired [el plazo a Repsol para realizar actividades de carga y descarga de hidrocarburos ] You now have to file another report to see if the fuel load is restored. The deadlines are over, let’s see. For it to be permanently restored, the company has to make a report. I hope he has presented it “, mentioned.

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“The deadline expired yesterday for him to give a report to see how he is going to proceed so that everything is correct, so that there is no danger. That will be evaluated today or tomorrow, but what has been allowed is that there is loading and unloading to avoid shortages. The gasoline supply is assured, Petroperú has its means to have its supply”he added.

Today marks one month of oil spill after the fall of crude barrels of the company Repsol in the Peruvian sea, considered the greatest ecological disaster that occurred in Lima and Callao, which caused serious damage to fishing families, as well as to the local flora and fauna.

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