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Reveal Fortnite trick to fly on the map

The players of Fortnite they know how to take advantage of the game’s glitches. From secret hideouts to finding new ways to use pizza slices, the community is always on the lookout to play Battle Royale in ways they weren’t meant to be.

This is how we know of someone who has found an innovative way to fly in Fortnite using an Iron Man Jetpack. However, this can only be implemented in Fortnite Creative.

Players usually have to cover most of the distance on foot, which can take a long time. Taking advantage Fortnite CreativeJustAFrog has made it possible to levitate around the map.

To do a Ironman Jet Pack, go to the creative map and activate the device Skydive Volume. Then set the width, depth, and height to any value of your choice.

Then go to the rest of the options and make sure that “Enabled during phase” is set to “ALL” and the option “Pushing force” is set to 0. This is important for this trick to work.

Also, you will need to disable the switch Players Skydive FX and it will be ready to fly. Put on the glider you like the most and fly around the map without problems.

FORTNITE | Free loot in February

The “Creative Chaos” event of Fortnitethe Battle Royale from Epic Games, is back for Chapter 3. Starting February 7, 2022, players can go to the official Creative Chaos website to register to participate in this new challenge.

Note that Fortnite is giving away material for just signing up on the Chaos Creativo site. Simply register to have the emoticon in your inventory “The reign of love”.

Also, by playing 30 minutes or more on the map of creative chaos, they will unlock an additional reward: the Scepter of Hearts pickaxe. You can access the map through the creative hub or by following this link.

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