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Ricardo Mendoza and Norka Gaspar: Women’s Minister affirms that making fun of a crime “fertilizes impunity”

The unfortunate comments of comedian Ricardo Mendoza and Norka Gaspar, who made jokes alluding to cases of sexual harassment suffered by a deaf person and a minor on public transport, generated a statement by the women’s ministerDiana Miloslavich. The head of the sector stated that in Peru there is still a high tolerance for gender violence, despite the progress made in recent years.

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In dialogue with the program Cara a Cara on TV Peru, the official maintained that the media cannot make fun of acts of this nature because sexual harassment is a crime, and also because it supports the idea of ​​impunity in the face of violence. against the woman.

We continue with a high tolerance for gender violence. There is data on the level of tolerance that exists in the case that you present. We must continue rejecting them, sanctioning them. We always have a tension with the issue of the media about whether this goes against freedom of expression. I believe that we must continue dialoguing, conversing and looking for a way out, because the media cannot in some way, not only make fun of, let’s say a crime because it is a crime, but because this contributes to impunity. So, we live in a country with a lot of impunity and so that has to be changed”he remarked.

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Miloslavich considered that we must continue talking about the issue and seek the support of the educational system to raise awareness among the population. “I believe that modifications must also be made in the very long term of the educational system. The education of our boys and girls must be put as a central issue. How education should teach us to live from a young age in more democratic relationships, of better coexistence, of respect, and in recognition of the rights of boys and girls”he referred.

What did Ricardo Mendoza and Norka Gaspar say?

The controversy began after Norka Gaspar told in the program “Completala” that she witnessed the sexual assault suffered by a minor on a public transport bus and Ricardo Mendoza-the well-known presenter of the space “Speaking balls”- Far from being outraged by this testimony, he made fun of the case.

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His statements on such a sensitive issue provoked a statement by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP). Through his Twitter account, he recalled that 7 out of 10 women have been victims of street sexual harassment nationwide. The figure in Metropolitan Lima alone is much more serious: 9 out of 10.

Also the former minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Rosario Sasieta expressed his outrage against Ricardo Mendoza and Norka Gasper. The former official described them as “miserable”, toothers, requested that the Prosecutor’s Office investigate them.

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“We demand that these wretches who have made fun of the sexual abuse of a girl have a tax investigation opened immediately. Everything has a limit”he pointed.

After being criticized for using a case of sexual assault as comic material, both drivers apologized for the unfortunate comments they made on their talk show. Youtube “Complete it”.

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