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Russia attacks Ukraine: Foreign Ministry provides numbers to Peruvians to request assistance

Lima, February 24, 2022Updated on 02/24/2022 09:56 am

The Foreign Ministry provided telephone numbers and email addresses so that Peruvians can communicate in order to request assistance after the bombings and invasion of Russia to Ukrainewhich has caused thousands of people to choose to flee from Kiev to other cities far from the conflict zone.

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Through its Twitter account, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs specifies that the Foreign Ministry, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Peru in the Republic of Poland and the Honorary Consul in Kiev, remain attentive to any request for assistance from our compatriots.

Our compatriots can be contacted through the following means:

  • Cel. Emerg.: (+48) 601 083 987 – Counselor Luis Gonzalo Cieza, head of the Consular Section in Warsaw.
  • Telephone Honorary Consulate in Kiev: (+38) 050 332 2765 (WhatsApp) – Igor Balenko Honorary Consul.
  • Emails: Warsaw: consulado@perupol.pl Kyiv: peru@ln.ua

Peru, through the Foreign Ministry, expressed its deep concern about the evolution of events in Ukraine, rejects the use of force and reiterates its call to cease all hostilities and violations of the ceasefire in Ukraine.

We reaffirm our conviction that international peace and security entail the imperative obligation to find solutions to conflicts through peaceful means, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law.”, he indicated via Twitter.

The day before, the Permanent Representative of Peru to the UNAmbassador Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros, indicated that it is imperative that all hostilities and violations of the ceasefire in the area cease.

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As he remarked, the Peru coincides with what was expressed by the Secretary General of the United Nations, in the sense that recognizing the independence of the separatist territories and the deployment of military forces within those territories are incompatible with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and constitute a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

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