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Russia attacks Ukraine: Peruvian consulate offers transfer to 291 compatriots to the border with Poland

The Peruvian honorary consulate spokesman in Ukraine, Juan Olivas, confirmed that there are 291 Peruvians duly registered in that country, this after the bombings and Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has caused thousands of people to choose to flee from Kiev to other cities far from the conflict zone.

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“Taking into account the serious situation we are experiencing now due to the imminent war situation, I can tell you that here we have 291 Peruvians duly registered in this consulate, residents in Ukraine, to whom we are providing all kinds of help, have been offered to group and transfer to the border with Polandthose who need to be evacuated from Kiev and the other cities of Ukraine”he pointed out in a dialogue with Exitosa Noticias.

Likewise, he explained that said work is being done under a contingency plan in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the general director of Communities Abroad, with the concurrent embassy from Poland and Minister Cieza. “The attention we give to our fellow citizens, taking into account that our representation is honorary, is first class.”

Peruvian Consulate in Ukraine registers 291 nationals and explains

At another time, Olivas pointed out that Peruvians residing in Ukraine are recommended to stay at home in a safe place and do not go out. “They have already taken some measures such as stocking up on food so that they can be at home.. The Russian invasion is imminent and we cannot do anything against this situation, You have to be calm and stay at home, that is our recommendation.”

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He explained that the majority of nationals residing in Ukraine are in Kiev, while the second largest community is in Kharkov.

Asked about the war situation in the country, the Peruvian honorary consulate spokesman in Ukraine commented that on the last Wednesday, February 23, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky declared martial law, which is the imposition of the military state in which all civilians become militaryempowering all citizens of Kiev to go out with arms to defend the city.

The truth is that I believe, I am sure that Ukraine also has great military power, what will happen I cannot predict. What I can do from this place, from our consulate, is to support our nationals so that they are safe”, he pointed out


Our compatriots can be contacted through the following means:

  • Cel. Emerg.: (+48) 601 083 987 – Counselor Luis Gonzalo Cieza, head of the Consular Section in Warsaw.
  • Telephone Honorary Consulate in Kiev: (+38) 050 332 2765 (WhatsApp) – Igor Balenko Honorary Consul.
  • Emails: Warsaw: consulado@perupol.pl Kiev: peru@ln.ua

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