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Russia attacks Ukraine: woman asks for help for her Peruvian brother and his family in Kiev to return to Peru | VIDEO

Lima, February 24, 2022Updated on 02/24/2022 10:53 am

Elsa Alvarado Horna, sister of a Peruvian citizen in Ukraine, asked the diplomatic authorities for support so that our compatriot and his family can return to Peru, after Russia has launched the early hours of Thursday, February 24a large-scale military operation against that country.

SIGHT: Russia attacks Ukraine: Foreign Ministry provides numbers to Peruvians to request assistance

My younger brother lives there for three months. He doesn’t work in Ukraine, but he lives there with his wife and his little daughter. I have been able to speak with him in the morning and he tells me that the president has told them to stay safe, that is, to stay inside their house”, he pointed out to Canal N from outside the Embassy of Ukraine, located in San Isidro.

He wants to leave to go to Poland and from Poland take a flight to Peru because you can no longer take flights from Kiev”, added the relative. Elsa said that her brother has lived abroad for eight years because he works on a ship, and that he always stays in Ukraine for three months.

Alvarado Horna said that his brother told him that this morning he made purchases in a supermarket, but now this type of commercial premises reports a shortage of basic necessities.

“I have come here to the Embassy [de Ucrania en Perú] to see what can I do for my brother if he goes to Poland or stays there. A flight. He told us a few days ago: ‘don’t worry, everything is fine’, but now we are trying to get him out of there. He doesn’t know anyone. He only comes and stays for three months,” added Elsa.

Peruvian Sister
Woman asks for help so that her Peruvian brother and his family in Ukraine can return to Peru.

Numbers for Peruvians to request assistance

Our compatriots can be contacted through the following means:

  • Cel. Emerg.: (+48) 601 083 987 – Counselor Luis Gonzalo Cieza, head of the Consular Section in Warsaw.
  • Telephone Honorary Consulate in Kiev: (+38) 050 332 2765 (WhatsApp) – Igor Balenko Honorary Consul.
  • Emails: Warsaw: consulado@perupol.pl Kyiv: peru@ln.ua

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