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‘S1mple’, the world’s best CS: GO player, speaks out on the conflict in Ukraine

The situation of Ukraine and Russia is increasingly worrying. The military advance does not seem to stop until there is total control of the ex-Soviet republic. As expected, several celebrities in the world have spoken, especially athletes and egamers from Ukraine.

Oleksandr “Simple” Kostyliev is considered the best player in the history of the competitive scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. She has won it all and at only 24 years of age he is still in the running to continue making history.

It is estimated that he has already managed to add more than one and a half million dollars in earnings only in competitions. It is not known how much it generates from advertising and external contracts to eSports.

Words from ‘S1mple’

At the latest ESL event, Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Katowice, he took a moment to share a few words with the attendees and his entire team. It should be noted that on social networks he already commented on his concern for his relatives who live in Ukraine.

I cry thinking of my family and friends in Kiev. I’m “lucky” not to be at home, but you can’t imagine how much I want to be there. Tomorrow I want to think about IEM Katowice. We don’t need regrets, we need support, thanks to everyone who cares”, he commented on Twitter.

In the ESL he commented the following almost between tears: “I have played with Russian players and all of them are great and today I stand together with my teammates and friends. We have won and competed together, we just want peace for Ukraine and for the whole world. we are all afraid”.

We need to set an example in this tournament and for the world. We need to stay together, among friends and with everyone who watches this competition. Let’s stay human. Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy the tournament”, he finished.

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