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San Isidro: citizens protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Lima for the invasion of Ukraine | VIDEO

Lima, February 25, 2022Updated on 02/25/2022 02:53 pm

A group of at least 20 people protested this afternoon outside the Russian Embassy, ​​located in the 34 block of Av. Salaverry, in San Isidro, to show their rejection of the massive military offensive by the Russian Federation. against Ukraine.

Among the protesters are Ukrainian citizens who have lived in Peru for several years, minors, as well as Peruvians who have relatives in Ukraine. They arrived with banners in which messages such as: “Get out Putin” (Outside Putin), “No war” (No to war) and “Stop Putin” (Stop Putin).

“We want peace, we want the whole world to support us. We are united by all our relatives who are there in Ukraine. We are asking Putin to stop the war. We don’t want more deaths.” said a Ukrainian citizen who has been living in our country for six years.

“My mom called me this morning and told me that the Russian military entered my city Mykolaiv. They were bombing the streets. My mom was crying going down to the shelter crying and I was crying because I can’t do anything [desde Perú]. Only praying is what remains.” Indian.

Protest in front of the Russian embassy
Protest in front of the Russian embassy https://www.tvperu.gob.pe/

From outside the diplomatic headquarters, the case told by the citizen named Anton, who has lived in Peru for several years, was also known. He narrated that his brother is a soldier in Ukraine. “My brother is on the front line. We are in touch. I had to be there right now to defend my country.” Indian.

“The only safe places are basements, nothing else because bombs arrive somewhere else. Russia started the war. We believe in our country, and in our Ukrainian military.” Anton referred.

Meanwhile, agents of the National Police remain guarding the exterior of the Russian Embassy.

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