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School year 2022: everything you need to know about the return to face-to-face classes in private and state schools

school classes they were face-to-face again this 2022after two years of virtual teaching due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). For this reason, the authorities have arranged a series of measures to avoid massive infections.

Although in some private schools classes have already started since the first days of March, the Minister of Education, Rosendo Sernaindicated that state schools would receive students from the 28th March. However, last Wednesday, he stated that in some regions this would be brought forward to March 14 and 21.

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school mobility

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) reported, after coordinating with the Ministry of Health, that 100% capacity will be allowed in school mobility vehicles.

Capacity will be allowed at 100% of the number of seats in the vehicle. It must be verified that there are no crowds at the boarding and arrival points of the vehicle and it is recommended to maintain a distance of one meter between users”, indicated the MTC in a statement on March 1.

Full time

On January 7, the Minister of Education, Rosendo Serna, also announced that school classes will be held with a full school day. In the case of the secondary level, It will be 7 hours a day and 35 hours a week.

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The Ministry of Education modified on January 27, through the Ministerial Resolution No. 048-2022-MINEDUthe normative document “Provisions for the return to face-to-face attendance for the 2022 school year, within the framework of COVID-19″.

The document established, among other points, the procedure to be followed in the case of food consumption in the classroom. Here are the highlights:

  • Each student will consume the food they bring from home, for which a physical distance of 2 meters will be kept, in an open space, accompanied by one or a teacher as part of a pedagogical hour (applies to rural and urban areas).
  • Do not share food or utensils.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before consuming food.
  • Remove the mask and store it during food consumption. At the end, put on the mask again and wash your hands.
  • Kiosks, cafeterias and school cafeterias will remain closed and without providing services during the health emergency.

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Protocol before suspected or confirmed cases of contagion

The blended or face-to-face educational service must be suspended for the classroom in which the confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19in accordance with the quarantine period established by the minsa.

Likewise, the students and teachers of the classroom in which the case was identified, as well as the people who have been in contact with the suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, must quarantine for the days established by the Minsa. COVID-19.

Finally, through the communication channels established by the school or the educational program, the temporary suspension of the use of the environments must be notified.

biosecurity measures

The minedu launched, on February 18, a abridged version of the 2022 school year return policy. It establishes the provisions for the provision of the educational service in the educational institutions and programs of basic education in urban and rural areas, within the framework of the health emergency of the COVID-19 for the year 2022.

Here are some of the provisions:

  • Ventilation. It must be ensured that all environments in the educational facility have adequate natural ventilation, open windows and doors to ensure air circulation. It is advisable to prioritize activities in open spaces.
  • physical distancing. From the physical distance of 1 meter, the maximum capacity of each space must be calculated and the furniture organized so that students, teachers and administrative staff carry out their activities.
  • Signaling. The educational premises must have signage on capacity, the mandatory use of masks, distancing,
  • All the educational premises must have hand washing or sanitizing stationswhich should be located near the entrance door in an open space.

teacher vaccination

The dean of the College of Teachers of Peru (CPPE), Heli Ocaña, reported that some 20,000 teachers across the country have not yet received their first or second dose against the virus. coronavirus (COVID-19)even though many schools Face-to-face classes have already started and others are about to start.

There is a significant percentage that is vaccinated, in some regions it has reached 88%, 90%. In general we are exceeding 94%, however, there is an average of 20,000 teachers who would need to be vaccinated, this in the first and second doses”, he detailed in statements to RPP Noticias.

Distribution of masks

The Minister of Education, Rosendo Sernareported, on February 23, that in the 2022 school year, masks will be distributed to public schools and that the cost of said acquisition is included in the budget of the Local Educational Management Units (UGEL).

Serna stated that the UGELs are doing the administrative process to buy masks and distribute them to educational institutions.

He indicated that amounts of money have also been paid to the directors of public schools for the acquisition of hygiene kits, which include soaps, alcohol, gel alcohol, toilet paper and towels, the same ones that will be for the students.

Likewise, Serna announced that the minedu has delivered a global amount of 295 million soles to the accounts of the directors of public schools throughout the country, so that they prepare the schools to receive the students on March 28, when face-to-face classes begin.

He recalled that in 2020 and 2021 the directors were also paid a budget for the preventive maintenance of the school. “It means that they (the directors) have subscriptions for three consecutive years for preventive maintenance”, he expressed.

According to the criteria of

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