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Schoolchildren will take tests to learn what they have learned during the pandemic, reports Minedu


The Minister of Education, Rosendo Sernareported that schoolchildren will pay “sample tests” to know the learning achievements reached by the students of the country during the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19). He indicated that the results of these tests will be compared with those of 2019.

“We are going to make an evaluation, we have already agreed, we have authorized. You are going to see evaluation of the primary level 2nd and 4th grade of primary, we are also going to evaluate 2nd of secondary. They are sample tests that we are going to do and we are going to project it in the national average. (…) We are going to make a comparison with 2019because 2019 was the last evaluation (of learning achievements) that was done and there is real data by regions and Ugeles”, he explained in dialogue to Successful.

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“That’s for sure, in this year’s evaluation, it will allow us to make a contrast. 2020 and 2021 have not even minimally deserved to reach 50% of the graduation profile that we want, that is why attendance is important and urgent”, added.

Minedu: schoolchildren will perform an evaluation to know the learning achieved and results will be compared with 2019

At another time, the holder of the Ministry of Education (Minedu) He referred to the I Learn at Home strategy and pointed out that it did not “meet the objectives set” by his sector.

The other aspect that is necessary to say with all forcefulness is that I learn at home did not meet the objectives that have been set, it was more of a palliative, a situation to attend to the school year and that surely has not reached 50% of learning achievements that are had by the cycles “he specified.

However, he assured that I learn at home will not disappear, but will be a complementary strategy to the stage of face-to-face classes. Let us remember that days ago the sector issued a statement explaining that this pedagogical method will continue on its web and radio and television platforms.


Regarding the start of school classes at the national level, Rosendo announced that some institutions that already have all the biosecurity measures will receive the students long before March 28.

“Yes we arrived and we arrived, let’s say, in advance. I have communication from two regions, in this case from Ayacucho, from Huánuco that have proposed the start (of classes) on the 14th. There is an ability that must be recognized in the directors of Ugel, of regional educational institutions”, Held.

“There are very well equipped schools, prepared with new infrastructure. (…) These institutions can start even on the first working day of March, but there is a need to do the curricular programming and many directors are making the decision to start before the 28th. The deadline is March 28th. And with the schools where there are problems we are going to have to assist them, but in a focused way”, he added.

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