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Simeone adds another chapter to the ‘novel’ of styles: “The forcefulness guarantees everything”

The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeonexplained that this Sunday “the forcefulness” agreed with Barça in their game, in the victory (4-2) at Camp Nouand highlighted his team’s reaction to the win, with the need once again to improve concentration on defense.

We must also value the forcefulness of the rival and we try to improve the intensity, aggressiveness and concentration above all. We started winning, controlling positionally, we had three quite clear scoring chances in the first half. They came and they were forceful”, he said at a press conference.

In the second half we saw another game, much more intense for our team, we had the feeling of getting into the game with 4-2 but Barcelona defended well, under”, he added after a defeat with which they gave up the Champions position to their rival.

The rojiblanco coach recognized another bad day ago. “We have been defending extraordinarily well for 10 years and this year we are not generating what we can. We can improve, we don’t have the attention we should have“, he claimed.

We haven’t changed many players, except for Trippier who left in January. They are playing the same as last season. To the end, tighten. After the fourth goal, there is a different reaction from the team, much stronger and more forceful. That is what we are looking for, like in Valencia in the second half, but I am the one responsible for generating it”, he added.

Simeone did not enter the war of styles that marked the previous one and gave the merit of the forcefulness to barca from Xavi. “The forcefulness guarantees everything. I guide myself by goal situations, we had four and scored one, and they four and scored three“, He said.

If we were winning 0-1 in the first half, they would have said that the counterattack was good. They specified, we waited to leave, they played to hurt us, football in a different way to prevail and today their forcefulness prevailed“, finished.

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