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Simeone and Joao, in ‘cold war’: “If he knows what the problem is, let him say so”

The coach of Atletico Madridthe Argentinian Diego Simeonurged this Friday the Portuguese Joao Félix to say what is the “problem” of the teamimmersed in a crisis of results, if he really “is clear about it”, at the same time that he recognized that the rojiblancos are lacking “concentration and intensity”.

(Joao Félix) He is not disappointing me. When you have the opportunity to ask him (Joao Félix) you can ask him. If he is clear about what the problem is, it would be nice to know. There are many situations that should be asked of him. There are many variants”, he expressed Simeone at the press conference prior to the match against Getafe this Saturday (9:00 pm), about the Portuguese striker’s statements in an interview with ‘The Athletic’.

Joao felix He was asked about the moment Atleti is going through, answering that he knows “what is happening”, but he preferred not to answer, after losing 4-2 at the Camp Nou.

Simeone knows the answer

However, for the Argentine coach, the answers lie in defensive fragility, concentration and intensity. “Every time we receive a shot on goal, unfortunately, it’s a goal, let’s hope it changes and the situation is in our favor in specific situations. We need to raise concentration and intensity, win more duels. We have sought for the team to attack better, and today we are the third team with the most goals in the league, we are suffering what has never happened to us“, lament.

The controversy with Wass

Simeone will not be able to count on his recent signing Daniel Wass, injured at the Camp Nou and whom Simeone He asked me to stay on the field when he was being treated by the medical team.

I acted as I act for ten years. Many times they are secondary blows and they do not have much influence, I always did it. This time he had an injury, but we hope that he can recover as soon as possible, we hope that in two weeks he will be with the group”, he explained.

I have not apologized to Wass, when players hit each other, sometimes they are secondary blows and they do not generate anything serious for the player. We have always done it. This time an injury appeared, but I have always done the same, I am calm”, he added.

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