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SJL: criminals pretend to need injections and steal S / 1,500 in pharmacy | VIDEO

Lima, March 2, 2022Updated on 03/02/2022 08:03 am

a couple of criminals armed men robbed a pharmacy in San Juan de Lurigancho. They pretended to need an injection to be able to enter the cash register and steal S / 1,500.

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A municipal security camera recorded all the movements of the criminals. In the images broadcast by América Noticias, it can be seen when a man and a woman arrive at the premises located on Av. Canto Rey.

Then, once inside the establishment, the thief threatened one of the workers with the gun.

Man pretends to need an injection to rob a pharmacy

Then the woman, an accomplice in the robbery, withdrew the money from the cash register that contained the day’s earnings.

According to the owner of the apothecary – who preferred anonymity for security reasons – the pair of thieves fled aboard a mototaxi.

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The district police station is investigating the case and will use the images captured by the security cameras to be able to identify them and achieve their capture.

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