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SJL: PNP detains man who set fire to a bar because they did not give him money | VIDEO

Lima, December 15, 2021Updated on 12/15/2021 08:07 am

A subject set fire in a bar because the workers and diners refused to give him money. The local security cameras recorded the actions of the man. The event occurred in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho.

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In the images released by América Noticias, it is observed that Victor Manuel Gomez Lara (28) enter the establishment and approach the workers, who are required to hand over a couple of coins.

A man, who was with the young women, tries to calm him down, but Víctor Gómez threatens them by showing them a gallon that he carries with flammable liquid. After not receiving the money, goes out and sprays the liquid out of business then lights it up.


SJL: Man sets fire to bar when not receiving money

“He came in to bother the cashier who was there at the time. Since he ignored him, he turned on the gasoline. I was asking for money”, A witness told the morning.

Faced with the flames that threaten to spread inside the El Paraíso bar, the workers came out with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. But nevertheless, Víctor Gómez returned to the premises and again set fire. “As he threw it on the chair first and it turned off and there he came back again and turned on the whole place”the witness noted.

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After achieving his mission, the subject tried to flee, but he was caught and beaten by a group of neighbors. According to the morning, one of the workers at the bar suffered burns and was taken to a hospital.

While, agents from the Mariscal Cáceres police station came to the area and were detained 28-year-old subject.

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