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SMP: 90-year-old woman received the first dose against COVID-19 in the middle of the third wave of infections | VIDEO

Lima, January 8, 2022Updated on 01/08/2022 01:18 pm

Ventura Arellano Ramírez, an adult over 90, received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) at the Parque Zonal Mayta Cápac vaccination center, located in San Martin de Porres. Her daughter indicated that together with her brother she had to take her mother just now, in the middle of the third wave of infections, after the vaccination brigades never arrived at her home.

In statements to Canal N, the old woman’s relative said that after starting the vaccination process to older adults in the country They requested that their mother be inoculated at her home. However, the daughter of Mrs. Ventura Arellano It did not specify whether it was the Ministry of Health (Minsa) or the Social Health Security (Essalud) the entity in charge of the vaccination of his mother.

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“I come for the third [dosis], her [señora Ventura Arellano Ramírez] it’s the first [dosis]. It is their first dose of it because they have never wanted to go home, that is why we have brought ithe commented.

C8 Vaccination Smp
Older adult Ventura Arellano Ramírez, 90, received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at the Parque Zonal Mayta Cápac immunization center, located in San Martín de Porres.

When asked about the reason why the brigades did not go to her home, she replied: “I do not know the truth. From the beginning we complained and they said ‘we are going to call you’. We live in Los Olivos, in Central with Canta Callao, they have never come that’s why we have come with my brother today. She cannot travel by car, it shocks (affects) her. We have sent it to the fairadded.

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The daughter of the older adult reported that during this time her mother had stayed in a room and that she had just left because they themselves decided to take her to a point of vaccination for the application of your first dose. He commented that he expects facilities for his family member be vaccinated at home for the second and third doses.

“At the bottom [de la casa], we have had it in a room. Cerradita without removing. Just giving hot things, also eucalyptus, kion, onion, and syrups with honey. All the time we have also had his room clean “, he mentioned.

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Channel N was able to obtain the ID of the lady Ventura Arellano Ramirez. The document specified that the woman was born on August 26, 1932 and that her place of residence is the AA.HH. Enrique Milla Ochoa, located in Los Olivos.

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