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SMP: woman is shot and wounded in attack on another person who refused to pay quotas | VIDEO

A woman was shot by gunmen when she was with a group of friends in front of a house located in the Juan Luis Hague shred, in San Martin de Porres. The witnesses said that the attack that occurred on December 26 was directed at another person who was also there at the time and who had refused to pay quotas.

The video broadcast by America news It can be seen when two hooded subjects aboard a motorcycle fired five shots at the group of people. One of the projectiles wounded the woman. She was sent to the nearest hospital.

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According to the testimony of witnesses, the hit men were targeting Oscar Morales since the attack occurred near his property. He would have refused to pay a quota for protection, said the morning.

In addition, they indicated that it is the second attack suffered by Morales because on December 23, the security cameras recorded a brawl in the same place and the reason was because he also refused to pay quotas.

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The agents of the Condevilla police station arrived at the scene to carry out the corresponding investigations and find the perpetrators of the attack. However, the investigation of the case It is already in charge of the Depincri de San Martín de Porres.



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