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Street Fighter 6: Capcom accused of modifying a file logo for the video game image

Fighting titles have been dragging problems for many years. The most common is that in game as street-fighter o Tekken it is almost impossible to find games online with a decent connection. Normally, we must wait many minutes to have an encounter with a player from far away with a high ping.

Of course, developers are asked to work on these problems with the release of new installments. After the announcement of Street Fighter 6 by Capcom, many gamers have put their hope that this will be the game they are looking forward to.

The big question is how much effort will they put into the development of the sixth edition of Street Fighter? For now, the ‘in-engine’ teaser surprises with realistic graphics of two of its characters.

new street fighter logo

However, a Twitter user has accused the company of saving a few dollars on the logo design for this installment with an Adobe Stock image that costs $80.

Through social networks, he shared the images of the Adobe website where you can see that only certain modifications have been made to the logo, such as more rounded corners and some inclinations in the two letters ‘SF’.

The new logo of Street Fighter 6 is to 80 dollars on the Adobe Stock Image site. I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was generic, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. They looked up ‘SF’ on a stock logo site, rounded a couple of corners and added the 6. I can’t”, details the user.

Is this a sign that the game will be released without major improvements over the previous edition? We will have to wait for the official date of sale, which has been scheduled for the year 2023.

Street Fighter 6 Trailer

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