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Susalud urges citizens not to risk their lives by undergoing aesthetic procedures in unregistered clinics

Lima, February 9, 2022Updated on 02/09/2022 11:34 pm

The National Superintendency of Health (Your health) indicated that people who wish to undergo an aesthetic procedure in a clinic have to verify, as a preventive measure, that said establishment has the permission of the health authority and is registered in the National Registry of Institutions Providing Health Services (Renipress).

In a statement, the entity of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) He pointed out that all establishments in the country that provide benefits and health services to citizens must be registered in Renipress.

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Thus, Your health He urged the population not to expose their lives or be surprised by going to offices, centers and clinics that they know from advertising on web pages and social networks, since they do not offer health guarantees.

He emphasized that access to Renipress is free and is available to the population 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the search, the unique code of the establishment, the exact address and its status will appear: active, provisionally or permanently withdrawn, or closed.

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Currently, a total of 24,158 institutions providing health services (Ipress) are registered in the Renipress, between hospitals, clinics, health centers, offices, laboratories, among others. The largest number of them (14,669) corresponds to private health establishments, followed by those managed by regional governments (8,068), the rest corresponds to Essalud, Ministry of Health and the Health of the Armed Forces and National Police.

For any query or complaint in this regard, citizens can contact Your health through the free telephone line 113 and through direct communication through social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the account @SusaludPeru.

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Likewise, with the Intelligent Virtual Assistant AVISUSALUD, through WhatsApp 960118796 and through the mobile application Susalud Contigo.

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