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Teacher with indigenous or native language proficiency?: register HERE to obtain a certificate and apply for appointments

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) opened the registration for bilingual teachers to participate in the Ordinary Evaluation of Mastery of Native Languages ​​2022 and can be incorporated, improve their level or renew the validity of their certificate, if it has expired, in the National Registry of Bilingual Teachers of Indigenous or Native Languages ​​(RNDBLO).

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In this way, through the Department of Bilingual Intercultural Education, it is guaranteed that indigenous students receive a quality education and relevant in their native language with an accredited teacher.

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The Registration for the evaluation is free and can be done only until April 10 this year, without extension. The evaluation will have two stages:

  • The first corresponds to the oral evaluation and will be developed from July 18 to August 3.
  • Those who pass it will go to the second stage, for a written evaluation, which will be carried out August 4 to 15.
Registration via Web of those evaluated 02/10/2022 04/10/2022
Oral evaluation 07/18/2022 08/03/2022
Written Evaluation 08/04/2022 08/15/2022

Who can enroll?

It is important to point out that, henceforth, the Minedu will not authorize exceptional evaluations. Therefore, all the teachers, graduates or students of the last cycles of education careers, assistants, community promotersto register and participate in this unique process.

Where to apply if I pass the evaluation?

Teachers who reach the basic level in speaking, as a minimum, will enter the National Registry of Bilingual Teachers of Indigenous or Native Languages ​​(RNDBLO), whose proof of domain will allow them to present themselves to the various processes of selection and appointment of teaching staff (appointments, contracts, reassignments, assignments, among others) in places in Bilingual Intercultural Education institutions.

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At In the case of non-graduates, they may use the certificate to apply for teaching contracts for a defined period according to regulations.but they will not be part of the RND-Bilingües until they obtain their degree.

Where do I sign up?

Interested parties can register your registration in the page http://www.minedu.gob.pe/evaluacion-lengua-originaria/ but before you enroll, please read the Enrollment Guide (HERE), in addition, you must have an account in PerúEduca.

If you already have a PeruEduca account, proceed to register, if not, watch the video on how to create an account, create your PeruEduca account (SEE TUTORIAL HERE) and then proceed to sign up.

To participate, fill out the registration form for the evaluation of mastery of the indigenous or native language 2022 by clicking on the button Registration form 2022.

To do this, it is necessary to have an account or email linked to PerúEduca. The list of registered will be updated on Tuesdays, in the afternoon, so that those interested can verify their registration.


Those who have questions or queries can write to evaluacionlo@minedu.gob.pe and the contact is David La Jara Brigida Peraza Cornejo.

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