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Teamfight Tactics Introduces Dragons Update

RiotGames not only works on content development for League of Legends. During the last few years, the company has released important games such as VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, Ruined King, Teamfight Tacticsamong others.

Recently, clips of the update of the dragons of TFT, the self-managed chess of League of Legends, have gone viral on YouTube. This is the next set, which has new elements that add to the gameplay.

Dragon set changes

the treasure dragon: In the middle of the game a dragon amulet will appear on the board of all players. They will be able to choose five rewards or randomly exchange them for money.

Dragon Augments: Augments also change in this set. Three will appear on the screen, but at the bottom there will be a button to choose another three increases for your board.

Among the new augmentations is the blood pact, which allows players to exchange their life for experience.

The Dragons: Of course, there wouldn’t be a dragon update without these creatures. For the first time in the game, we will see creatures that cost 10 gold. Note that you can only carry one on the board unless a raise says otherwise.

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