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The ‘Angel of Oxygen of Callao’ maintains the recharge of balloons at the same price in the third wave of COVID-19

Luis Barsallo, better known as the “Angel of Oxygen of Callao”, reported that the price of oxygen remains at 15 soles per cubic meter before the start of the third wave of the COVID-19.

In dialogue with Radio Exitosa, Barsallo indicated that oxygen continues with its regular price because hospitals already have oxygen plants, in addition to that people adopt more preventive measures to avoid contagion.


He even emphasized that currently in his CrioGas oxygen distribution and recharge site, located on Avenida Alfredo Palacios (Callao), there are no longer long lines for several days, as happened in the first and second waves. He remarked that only people who have relatives with sequelae of the COVID-19.

Today everything is quiet, there are no queues, relatives of COVID-19 patients are not arriving, only relatives of patients with sequelae are arriving”, He expressed.

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Last Monday, the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, confirmed the start of the third wave of COVID-19 in Peru due to the increase in infections and the advance of the omicron variant.



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