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The best Uncharted villains before you see the movie

Uncharted It will hit the big screen and the gaming community, especially the PlayStation community, knows that the franchise has an excellent cast of villains. The saga has four main titles and a spin-off, so there is a lot of material to decide on the best antagonists. Let’s see which are the most popular and even “loved” after making our lives impossible in each game.

At the bottom of the list we have Rafe Adler, a billionaire and former partner of the Drake brothers while they were in prison in Uncharted 4. The problem is that Adler, like Drake, his brother Sam and Sully are interested in pirate Henry Avery’s treasure. The final battle is epic and deserves its place in the ranking.

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In the next post we have Harry Flynn from Uncharted 2: Kingdom of Thieves. Drake was the victim of Flynn when he fell into a trap during a robbery at the Istanbul palace museum. Flynn is the most immoral version of Drake. Although you do not get to “kill” him, his death is quite epic when he blows himself up with a grenade with the sole intention of stopping good Nate.

Third, we have Talbot from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Betrayal. Remember that he works for Katherine Marlowe so he is not the main villain of the game, but he is the one who gets her hands dirty for her. Talbot, in addition to knowing how to defend himself with his fists, is an expert with mind games and even drugs Drake to achieve his goal. That unique ability makes him deserve to open the podium.

Second we have Nadine, the secondary antagonist of Uncharted 4. She was hired by Rafe Adler to search for Avery’s pirate treasure. Her attitude is sympathetic, even to the point of understanding her switching sides at the end of the game. Remember that Nadine appears later in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with Chloe Frazer.

Who ranks first is Zoran Lazarevic, the main antagonist of Uncharted 2. He is the one who hires Harry Flynn and has an army of unscrupulous thugs. At the beginning of the game we see how he kills one of his henchmen for stealing something unimportant and grabs him with a clean knife. As if this were not enough, he also kills one of Drake’s companions when he was badly injured without hesitation.

Aside from his mood swings, his final fight is one of the most difficult in the franchise, as Lazarevic gains more power thanks to the sap of the mystical Shambhala tree. Already when he was about to die, he asks Drake to kill him in the midst of laughter. All crazy on the loose!

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