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The bomb character who confirmed his appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Although he did a lot to deny it at first in previous interviews, finally Sir Patrick Stewart seems to have confirmed its presence in Doctor Strength 2the next movie Marvel to be released that causes more and more stir among the fans.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that, as fans theorized, Professor X returns to theaters in the midst of parallel universes that continue to intertwine several past productions based on Marvel comics.

And it is that in the trailer that was published on this tape, Charles Xavier seemed to be seen and heard a little, although nothing was confirmed and one could only think of theories about that, something that was based on the multiverses, a theme that has been taking over. UCM in this phase 4.

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However, in the first interviews that Patrick Stewart had with the media, and in which he was consulted on the subject of Doctor Strange, the actor gave evasive answers, something that has apparently become a custom among Marvel actors called for projects of this type.

“Who is Dr. Strange?” in an interview for Star Trek: Picard at first, however, he seems to have finally changed his stance in a recent new interview.

Patrick Stewart spoke again of his supposed appearance in the new Doctor Strange tape and it seems that somehow, he could have confirmed his appearance.

“I had my phone turned off when it happened, so I wasn’t aware of anything. It was not until the next morning when I woke up, looked at my cell phone and saw that I had been bombarded with responses … My public relations people gave me the reactions that they had detailed to send me, ”said the actor.

“Actually, I didn’t recognize my own voice; it sounded different. If he had a cold or something, I don’t know. I was amazed because all they saw was the back of my shoulder and, I think, my earlobe, nothing more. So many connections would have been made, but I liked him, ”he added, thus confirming that it was he who everyone speculates as Charles Xavier.

Despite not being an official confirmation, fans already take it for granted that Professor X will return and participate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although saying universe may already make little sense, now that there seem to be many out there.


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