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The Comptroller’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office are already investigating cases of issuance of false vaccination cards

Lima, January 10, 2022Updated on 01/10/2022 02:06 pm

A new journalistic complaint points out the existence of bad officials of the Ministry of Health who, in exchange for money, include in the national vaccination registry those who have not received any dose against it. COVID-19.

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According to the Punto Final program, there are processors that can be contacted through social networks to manage the digital vaccination card of a person who has not been vaccinated, in exchange for money figures that fluctuate between 240 and 280 soles. . The journalistic program showed that, only half an hour after having made the payment, the data of a person who had not been vaccinated already appeared in the official database of the Minsa.

The aforementioned ministry issued a statement after the broadcast of the television program, indicating that the internal investigation carried out by them “It would allow the identification of possible unscrupulous data entry operators who allegedly participated in the fraudulent registration of the Vaccination Card platform COVID-19. The document adds that those named would be former DIRIS workers.

This morning, the head of the Minsa Hernando Cevallos indicated that the officials involved in the case “They are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office […] Action has already been taken on the matter and it is in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office “. Cevallos added that they have carried out a “blackout” to change the access codes in the Ministry of Health.

It is not the first complaint

On the fortnight of December 2021, the specialized portal Salud con Lupa warned about the existence of forgers of the physical card in the Azángaro shred, using signatures and stamps of the nurses.

The digital newscast La Encerrona also denounced how Telegram groups were used to register people who had not received any dose as vaccinated in the Minsa database, paying between 150 and 540 soles.

Trade He tried to contact Minsa sources to obtain more details about these cases, but they declined to comment further.

Penalized conduct

Alexandra Vargas, criminal lawyer at Estudio Linares Abogados, explained to this newspaper that the falsification of the vaccination card would classify as crime of ideological falsehood, as it is an instrument that is authorized by a public official, as established in Article 428 of the Penal Code.

The crime is punishable by imprisonment of no less than three and no more than six years and with one hundred and eighty to three hundred and sixty-five days-fine.

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New rules to avoid contagion
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