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The detail that many did not notice in the trailer for Doctor Strange that means more than it seems


As well as Spider-Man: No way home caused craze among fans with theories and rumors in 2021, the new installment of Doctor Strange seems to be doing something similar, as the impact for the UCM be of great proportions.

As it happened with No Way Home, many rumors and theories have already been woven around this new premiere, because now that the door to the multiverse has already been opened, the possibilities are really many.

Not only the possibility of some variants of Strange could participate in this event, which will debut some characters in the UCM, but the importance of the characters already known in this plot, as is the case of Wanda Maximoff.

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Despite how spectacular the trailer was with the fight and action sequences, what is really key and interesting is in the small details, those that many overlook but are very important.

In particular when the movie seems to be based on the fact of some mental or physical evolution of Strange. According to the trailer, two variants of the character would appear, to which a third could be added, since Strange Defender appeared in the images of the merchandise associated with the film.

This caused fans to be more observant with the trailer, unraveling scene by scene in search of any clues. Like for example, that the already famous levitation cloak of Doctor Strange from the official timeline has changed.

And it is that the famous levitation cape has a blue patch, which can be seen in one shot. Something that lacks explanation at the moment but has attracted powerfully attention.

Knowing that the film takes place after the events that occurred in No Way Home, it is known that the multiversal threat continues, and not necessarily because of Strange’s failed spell on a Spider-Man that he no longer knows, but will have more to do with it, apparently, with the multiversal rift caused by Silvye, Loki’s variant.

The appearance of the patch on Strange’s cloak draws attention, as it is an indestructible cloak, or so we believed.

This, if we look at the history of Strange in the comics, brings us to a character: Rintrah. It is a mystical minotaur-like creature that often comes to Strange’s aid.

Curiously, the first time he appears is precisely when helping the Sorcerer to sew his levitation cloak. This could give us a clue about the new characters that Marvel could include in this film, as it has been promised that it will have more than one interesting cameo.

Apparently, the most mysterious of this year’s Marvel movies still has a lot to tell. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on May 6.


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