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The Minister of Health informs that the COVID-19 self-tests are authorized and can be purchased in pharmacies


Lima, January 10, 2022Updated on 01/10/2022 03:13 pm

Given the start of the third wave and the increase in coronavirus cases in the country, the head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Hernando Cevallos, reported this Monday that the COVID-19 self-tests are authorized to be marketed in pharmacies and drugstores at Nacional level.

Self-tests are authorized. People can go and buy them. And while there may be a margin for error, self-testing also helps. We in no way disqualify that the person goes and can go to acquire this test to do it “, said the Minister of Health in an interview with Successful News.

Just a little over a month and a half ago, the authorization was completed and it was sold in the pharmacy ”, added.

Ómicron: Minsa announces that the COVID-19 autotest “is authorized” and can be purchased in drugstores and pharmacies

At another time, Minister Cevallos referred to the large influx of people in places where COVID-19 discard tests are carried out. “What is worrying us is what the ministry can give directly to the people. When we had fewer cases, we proposed massive tests to all people, with or without symptoms, only with having had contact. Now we have had to change the strategy because we already have, instead of 26 thousand, almost 80 thousand weekly infections “, he pointed.


Recall that earlier, the head of the Minsa announced that from today COVID-19 discard tests will be taken from people who present symptoms such as cough, fever, body pain, among others. Likewise, molecular tests will be carried out on people who have had contact with coronavirus-positive patients who are older than 60 years and have comorbidities.

“From the State, the molecular test is not going to be done on all of them because it would be impossible. But Yes, it will be done to people over 60 years of age or who have a type of comorbidity because we are interested in whether Covid-19 is incubating and you have to do a special follow-up “, he pointed.

According to the criteria of

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The vaccination process against COVID-19 for children between the ages of 5 and 11 will begin from the second half of January, as mentioned by the Minsa. Learn all the details in this video.




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