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The Ministry of the Interior reports that nearly 1,350,000 cell phones are stolen annually nationwide

The Ministry of Interior (Mininter) reported that nearly 1,350,000 mobile phones are stolen each year nationwide. Therefore, in order to curb the crime wave, a bill is being evaluated so that the theft of cell phones is considered aggravated theft.

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“It is one million 350 thousand a year. I think there are 400 cell phones a day. One of the legislative projects within the package that we want to develop is going to be linked The issue of cell phone theft is that it is considered aggravated theft. All electronic equipment that contains information because it is important to understand that an iPad, a cell phone, a tablet, generates not only theft of the device, but of the information”, said the head of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache Artola, in a dialogue with Latina.

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He explained that stolen cell phones are not used here, but abroad. The same happens with mobile devices stolen abroad, which are finally brought to Peruvian territory for sale. “All this happens because there is high demand. The population has to understand that if you don’t buy stolen goods there won’t be a need”.

Minister of the Interior talks about stolen cell phones

Along these lines, Minister Senmache Artola urged citizens not to buy stolen cell phones. He indicated that it is necessary that the population also help curb the crime wave by cutting the demand for stolen mobile equipment.

“Do not buy stolen, we cannot continue pretending to face illegal markets if there is demand in the illegal marketwe all know that there is a San Jacinto because when people scratch their car, they break the moon, they break a headlight, they go to buy stolen goods”he pointed.

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When you lose your cell phone or want to buy a high-end cell phone at a lower cost, where do you go? To these places. So let’s not continue feeding crime, let’s not continue feeding illegal markets. We’re going to hit the illegal markets, but we’re also going to start hitting those who buy illicitly sourced equipment. They are also part of the crime. In other words, all of us are part of the response to citizen security”, he added.

Likewise, he asserted that not only the work of the Police is to capture those who steal, since, if there are people who buy stolen cell phones, there will continue to be more thefts of this equipment. “The cell phone that has been stolen from a person is the most expensive in history because it can be bathed in blood.

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