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They arrest a worker from the Public Ministry for recording his companions in the toilets with a cell phone

Ángello Burga Velásquez (31), worker of the Public ministrywas arrested after being discovered that he was recording his companions with a cell phone at the time they used the toilets of the building located in block 5 of Abancay Avenue, in downtown Lima.

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América Noticias indicated that one of the women realized that she was being recorded with a mobile phone from the lower part of the module, so she decided to get on the toilet and managed to take a photo of Burga Velásquez at the time he was fleeing.

With that image, the administrative assistant of the Public Ministry could be identified and detained by the Police. When questioned, he pointed out that he does not know what motivates him to record his companions. “I don’t know what drives me but I doand that is why I request my psychological evaluation”, he expressed.

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In his power, police officers they found 23 videos of women in the toilets. Among his victims are a prosecutor, an employee and two security agents.

In the journalistic report it was indicated that the Fourth Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Violence against Women denounced Burga Velásquez for the crime of sexual harassment and requested 9 months of preventive detention for him, but the Lima Preparatory Investigation Court did not admit the request, so he was released.



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