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They capture ‘Bamban’, the main suspect in the crime of a young university student in Comas

Lima, February 10, 2022Updated on 02/10/2022 07:19 pm

The Police managed to capture Luis Eduardo Mogollón (33), alias ‘Bamban’, for being the main suspect in the crime of his ex-partner, the young university student Carol Valdivia Contreras, who was shot dead on November 14 at her home , in commas.

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América Noticias detailed that the subject was detained in a hotel in San Martín de Porres (SMP) along with Luis Andres Ancajima Garcia (56)alias ‘Lucho’, who would make up the band ‘Los malditos de Collique’.

Colonel PNP Víctor Revoredo, head of the Dirincri Homicide Division, indicated that the Judiciary of North Lima issued preliminary arrest against Mogollón to be investigated.

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The case

Carol Valdivia Contreras (26), an obstetrics student, was murdered when she was with her partner, Edison Rojas, in a house located in the Nueva Esperanza human settlement, in the district of commas.

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According to police investigations, an armed individual fired several times at the Valdivia Contreras home and a bullet went through the wooden wall and hit the young mother’s chest, who was taken to the Collique hospital, but died.

The mother of the victim, María Contreras, denounced that the author of the crime would be Luis Mogollón, with whom her daughter had a relationship for two months, but it ended more than a year ago.

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