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They create a version of Doom for Minecraft and so you can play it for free

Nothing is impossible with some patience and a lot of dedication. doom is a classic that, since its release in 1993, has captured the attention of fans of first-person shooters. The interesting thing is that this hobby is more alive than ever and today we discovered that a developer was able to recreate Doom in the world of Minecraft.

The map created by the user Sibogy from Reddit, who spent two years programming all the graphical details and gameplay, and used data packs and command blocks, as well as some custom assets to bring to life the “cubic” version of doom.

DOOM | map trailer

The same creator explains that his intention was to create something new and not exactly a copy equal to the doom because “for that you can play real doom. It just seemed like a good idea to look at different things, and if something looked fun, I tried to implement it.”

you can go to this website to review more project details and how to download the map to your copy of Minecraft. The best thing is that access is free and it’s a great way to have fun for a few hours thanks to a game that has set a trend in the world.

doom It was created in 1993 by developers John Romero and John Carmack, originally for the DOS operating system and programmed on a NeXTSTEP computer platform. The title caused a stir and criticism by parents who questioned the violence of the games.

DOOM | Curious fact

One of the funniest things about YouTube is seeing how developers are able to install doom on practically anything. Among all the posts, there is one that caught our attention and went viral on the Internet: someone was able to install the game on a pregnancy test.

How was this possible? What the programmer, identified as Foone Turing, did for this exploit was to modify the Equate pregnancy test to connect to a PC. It first started with some clips like “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley or gameplays by doom from 1993 and 2011.

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