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They denounce that police officers have adulterated forms to defraud cooperatives and not pay loans

About 150 Savings and Credit Cooperatives (Coopac) were allegedly swindled by a group of 235 police officers, through the form of adulterated forms.

The third-level noncommissioned officer of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) Richard Romero Guzmán, denounced that two police officers offered him to falsify forms to obtain cell phones or loans from financial entities.

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“They said themselves: ‘we can get you a cell phone, just give me your coding, that’s going to cost you.’ We signed the document, he gave me the equipment, and two days later I had to come here because of the problem of the false form that they gave me “He told the program Punto Final.

The method to scam the Coopac would be the following: the police go to the entity and ask for a loan or a low-credit telephone. Your ability to pay is credited and an amount is deducted from your salary on a monthly basis. Days later, they file food complaint resolutions that garnish part of the police officer’s salary. Therefore, you are no longer financially solvent and Coopac cannot discount your fee.

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According to a loan agent from an affected Coopac, in 2018 a policeman named Romero and six agents from the Callao Emergency Squad approached to request high-end cell phones. His solvency was verified on the payroll and the operation was authorized. Two days later they could no longer pay.

“Here is the form. He has money, S / 1,838 is his capacity, so he has a discount of S / 300 per month. Two or three days later it no longer has capacity. I have fully trusted an authority, a supposedly upright person, an example for society. If you are a person who commits a crime, who can you trust? “, I note.

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Two of the police officers who allegedly tampered with the forms are John Tito Villarreal and Mayro Valdivia Ponte. For example, Tito requested a loan and two days later he presented resolutions issued by a justice of the peace from Ancón and another from Puente Piedra, ordering the deduction of assets.

The resolution established that Tito’s father and sister had reported him for food and requested a discount of 40% and 60% of their salary, respectively. His sister, allegedly affected, denied having financial difficulties.

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According to the report, the policemen used to go to a peace court located in Chancay, where judge Heber Arroyo Acleto signed the resolutions for the cooperatives after, supposedly, interviewing the relatives who presented the food complaints.

“They are authorities, how can I distrust them, they are policemen. We are non-literate justices of the peace, so the arrival of an authority surprises us. If he is a policeman, how can we be suspicious? “Arroyo stated.

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The resolutions that would have facilitated the adulteration of spreadsheets used to present addresses of domiciles without a number, for which the judge considers that “There are many sites that do not have an address, they do not have a number, they are not formalized”.

According to the criteria of

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