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They evaluate to raise before the Council of Ministers the state of emergency in Callao and Trujillo

Lima, December 15, 2021Updated 12/15/2021 09:21 pm

The Ministry of the Interior analyzes the possibility of raising the Minister council the declaration of a state of emergency in Callao and Trujillo, due to the large amount of extortion and criminal acts that they register.

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We plan to raise the Minister council the declaration of emergency initially in the Callao and Trujillo, which are the places that suffer the most from the activity of these criminal gangs that plague the country”, Said the Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén, at a press conference.

In addition, the cabinet member indicated that it is evaluating criminalize extortion as a form of terrorism, in order to aggravate the penalties.

Hit men and extortion are the most serious crimes today, in my opinion, because they not only affect citizens but also affect the stability of the country and affect the economy.”, Indicated Guillén.

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We are debating in the Ministry of Interior the possibility of classifying these conducts as extortionate terrorism, that is, aggravating the penalties and sanctioning them as a form of terrorism, because they use the same modality: threats and use of explosives”He added.

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