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They flee from him in the celebration: the celebrations of Alaba that cause ‘fear’ in Real Madrid

Luka Jovic’s goal at the weekend was a cry of relief not only for the Serbian striker himself, but also for the entire squad. Real Madrid, who shouted as his own the third goal of the attack, that since he arrived at the Bernabéu he has not had a good time. And one of the first who went to meet him after the goal in Anoeta was David praise, which has a very particular way of celebrating so many.

Already the account of the Real Madrid highlighted the gesture of Praise with Jovic, who was immediately taken by the cheeks while yelling at the top of his lungs his goal. “When you have a game at 9 and a dentist at 10 …”, Published the merengue club on Twitter.

A rather unique message in which the Austrian seems to take Jovic by the face, a seal of leadership that the defender has made his own in this short time that he has been at the Bernabéu.

(Photo: Twitter Real Madrid)

But this celebration with Jovic was not the first and other teammates had “suffered” from him before, such as Vinicius, Camavinga and even Courtois when they had a clean sheet.

Praise It seems that he has a fixation with the faces of his teammates, and on social networks, fans of the Real Madrid He has not overlooked this gesture, highlighting and recalling all the times that the former Bayern decided to make the “white” players “suffer”.

Congratulations from Ancelotti

The Italian coach took the opportunity to praise a Jovic who scored a goal and an assist after entering for Karim Benzema, suffered discomfort and had to leave within 15 minutes of the first half.

Jovic is a good striker, as is Mariano. He is very strong, the first goal from Vinicius is a classic from Jovic, and the second a goal from an area striker, he is an area striker. I want to congratulate him because it is difficult for a player who has never played, take advantage and enjoy the opportunity”, He confessed.

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