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They publish a law that provides for the inclusion of blood group information in the DNI

The Congress of the Republic published the law that provides for the inclusion of information on the blood group and factor in the national identity document (ID).

Through the Legal Standards bulletin of the Official Gazette A Peruvian manwas published Law 31421which modifies article 32 of Law 26497 – Organic Law of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Renieck)-, that establishes expanding the personal information that the DNI must contain.

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Article 32. The National Identity Document (DNI) must contain, at a minimum, a photograph of the holder from the front and with his head uncovered, the impression of the fingerprint of the index of the right hand of the holder or of the left hand in the absence of this, plus the following information:


n) The group and blood factor.

The norm that was approved by 109 votes on January 22 of this year indicates that the application of this regulation will begin with newbornswhose blood data will be compulsorily recorded in the certificate of live birth.

Subsequently, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status must include this information in the birth certificate to later appear in the minor’s identity document.

At In the case of adults and their children under 18 years of age, the incorporation of this information will be voluntary..

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The implementation of this law is gradual and progressive. The National Registry of Identification and Civil Status will establish, through a chief resolution, in a period of six months, the corresponding schedule and other provisions for compliance with this standard.

Meanwhile, the Executive Branch, at the proposal of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, within a period not exceeding 30 business days, counted from the day following the publication of this regulation, will adjust the Registration Regulations of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status, as provided in this law.

Blood group and factor determination campaigns

The Ministry of Health and the Social Health Insurance (Essalud), in coordination with the Ministries of Education, Development and Social Inclusion, and Women and Vulnerable Populations, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status, the regional governments and the governments within the framework of their powers and charged to their respective institutional budgets, will implement free blood group and factor determination campaignsas well as promotion and dissemination of the importance of including this information in the national identity document.

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about the proposal

It was in January that this proposal was supported by the president of the Parliament’s Justice Commission, Gladys Echaiz (APP), who said that it is a lifesaving law. During her support, the legislator said that there are known real cases of people who have lost their lives -in a post or health center- because it was not known to what Blood type they belonged

Meanwhile, the author of the legislative initiative, Congressman Hector Acuna Peralta (APP), intervened to reinforce what was expressed by his colleague Echaíz, affirming that with this modification care in health centers will be accelerated for any emergency or medical urgency.

“Now to attend to a patient it will not be necessary to invest in tests to find out their blood type, because this information will be on the DNI”He said.

According to the criteria of

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