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“Things of friends”: the Peruvian production of Giovanni Ciccia opens this July 21

Actor, producer and director Giovanni Cicia come back to cinema with the comedyfriends stuff”, which will hit all theaters in the country on July 21. It is his second film as a director after the success he achieved with Recontraloca (2019). This time, we will see in the large screen a story of friends

The new film from LA SOGA Producciones stars the actors Rodrigo Sánchez-Patiño, Bruno Ascenzo, Óscar López Arias, Gisela Ponce de León, Emilia Drago and the Argentine Nacho Di Marco.

Sánchez-Patiño gives life to Raúl, Ascenzo to Santiago and López Arias to Eduardo. They are lifelong friends, they not only play pichangas and play, but also share moments with their families until Santiago confesses that he is gay and that he wants to separate from his girlfriend.

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Raúl tries to convince his friend by all means that his is nothing more than confusion, unleashing a series of unexpected situations. Without a doubt, their friendship will be put to the test and the three friends will gradually discover the true meaning of friendship.

Gianfranco Brero, Miguel Dávalos, Renzo Schuller, Bruno Pinasco, Mateo Garrido-Lecca, Raúl Romero Valle, Pedro Ibáñez, the drag queens Tany de la Riva and Georgia Hart complete the cast of the film “Things of Friends”.


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